How to pair pizza and wine. The secret: the sauce  

Although pizza and wine may seem an odd combination, they can go well together. The Italian dish goes perfectly with the products of different wineries. The result is an experience you won't hesitate to repeat whenever you have the chance. 
Did you ever ask yourself What is the best wine for pizza? Today, we invite you to forget about the soft drinks that usually accompany every mouthful of this food in all its varieties. All you need to do is find the right wine for pairing with pizza. First of all, pay attention to the sauce. This is key.


Wine for pizza with tomato sauce

Tomato sauce or, as it is called in Italian, passata di pomodoro is the most commonly used sauce for preparing different pizzas. Other ingredients are added to the tomato, which is generally made with plum tomatoes as they have hardly any seeds. To start with, virgin olive oil, a clove of garlic, a little salt and a little sugar. Oregano and basil are also added to the final mixture. 
The result is a pizza like the one called margherita, after Queen Margherita of Savoy. As you probably know, it has cheese and a little ground pepper. How many times have you had it for lunch or dinner? 
Even if your first impulse is to enjoy it with a coca cola, we have a better idea. Open a bottle of dry rosé wine that is fruity, but not too sweet. Find the right balance to achieve the perfect pairing. For example, a Abadía de Poblet Rosé is a perfect choice, it comes from D.O. Conca de Barbera, it´s a rosé wine for pizza that will make a perfect pairing. 
This popular sauce also goes well with red wines, as long as they are young wines. Neither Crianza wines nor reserve wines have a place at the table. Keep this in mind in order not to make a mistake and ruin your lunch or dinner.


Wine for pizza with white sauce

This is a very delicious alternative to the tomato-based one. In fact, it has many fans who choose it for its delicious taste. It is prepared with milk or cream, onion, garlic and cheese, preferably Parmesan. This recipe sometimes also uses oil, wheat flour and even butter. It is finished off with a touch of oregano, basil, a little salt and pepper. 
If you decide to prepare it yourself, make sure it is thick enough before pouring it onto the bread base. You can serve it like this, or you can add more ingredients. Spinach, artichokes and various herbs are very tasty options, as is extra cheese. There you have it, the pizza bianca or white pizza in English. 
The perfect wine for white pizzas is exactly the same: white wine. It must be a dry wine with medium acidity and silky notes. Opt for Pinot, both blanc and gris, or Chardonnay. Experts also recommend serving sparkling wine or cava for its unique characteristics. This choice will be a great success and give you the opportunity to toast with those around the table. A great pairing wine for eating white pizza is Royal Carlton Brut Nature from Bodegas Bilbainas Winary. This sparkling wine will be magnific with your pizza. 



Wine for pizza with cheddar sauce

As you might guess from the name, cheddar sauce is based on the cheese of the same name. We must add milk, butter with no added salt and cheese spread, which is usually very soft. The list of ingredients includes cornstarch, a pinch of salt and a little pepper for the right taste and texture. 
Ham and cheese pizza is one of the most common pizzas to use this sauce. It’s a delicious and excellent alternative to tomato sauce. As simple as it is appetising, the flavour of this cheese pizza with white wine goes perfectly. The richer and more refreshing the wine, the better the pairing. Chardonnay wines are a very appealing option because of their structured body and fruity notes. An excellent example of this is the Chardonnay varietal. As an example, Bach Chardonnay is a wonderful pairing. Try it the next time you order this option in a restaurant or for take away! You can also choose a rosé, which is just as good in terms of food pairing. 


Wine for pizza with barbecue sauce

This sauce is made using ketchup, corn flour, green and bell peppers, garlic, onion, vinegar, salt, oregano, paprika, soy sauce and pepper. The diversity of ingredients results in a blend that is sure to please many palates. It’s ideal for coating minced meat such as pork or beef. Grated cheese sprinkled on top will add the finishing touch to the pizza you are about to enjoy. 
But can barbecue pizza be paired with wine? Which would be the most suitable? Pizza with white or red wine? The answer is simple: Yes, it’s possible. Reds are the best option for pairing that irresistible contrast of flavours between smoky and sweet. The most suitable would be a drink with a high level of sweetness and, if possible, with soft tannins. For instance, a Tempranillo. We recommend you a Legaris Gumiel del Mercado, an author wine from Legaris Winery, Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin. This will be a perfect wine for bbq pizza. Also, you can try a different pairing with a crianza or reserve wine like Viña Pomal Crianza or Viña Pomal Reserve, both will combine perfectly with the smoky flavours of the meat.
Likewise, we can also opt for a white in this case. Among them, a wine that is becoming more prominent is a high-acidity wine from Germany: Riesling. Don't rule out drier rosés and sparkling wines either, as they always go well with a barbecue pizza meal. 



In short, which is the best type of wine for pizza? pizza offers you the possibility of pairing it with different types of wine, enriching the experience you enjoy at the table. You will never have it with soft drinks again. When choosing the best wine for each type of pizza, don't forget to consider the toppings of the pizza. They might be more subtle than the sauce that covers almost the entire surface, but they play a no less important role. 
As you can see, the combination of pizza and wine will become a staple at your table once or, who knows, even several times a week. Find the perfect pairing between the two every time you want to enjoy a combination of flavours you've never had before. In 15 Bodegas online wine store you will find all wines you need for your pizza pairings.