Wine and Cava sizes

In 15 Bodegas, you can find different cava and wine bottle sizes, all of them being the perfect choice for a gift or to celebrate any special occasion. Within the most common wine bottle sizes, you will find Benjamin or small wines of 20 cl, bottle formats containing 37.5 cl, and Jennie bottles of 50 cl. Following these, you can also find standard bottles of 75 cl and magnum wines of 1.5 l, in which case the weight of a wine bottle is usually 2.5 kilos, in comparison to Benjamin wines which are 185 grams.

Discover the most special wines for each occasion, in the bottle size you prefer!

Benjamin cavas packBenjamin cavas pack

Take a look at our Benjamin Cavas catalogue, the perfect size of wines and cavas for Christmas or to celebrate any special occasion. Also, our small cava bottles make for the perfect gift!


You will find the original flavor of a good wine in our small bottles of wine, perfect to be enjoyed anywhere.


Magnum Anna de Codorníu cavaMagnum Anna de Codorníu cava

If you are looking for Cavas to celebrate your special occasions, in 15 Bodegas success is guaranteed with any of large size magnum Cavas, maintaining the complex and wonderful aromas of each Cava type.


Magnum wine bottles can fit 1.5 l of wine. A big bottle of wine to enjoy your big moments!


Anna Blanc de Blancs cavaAnna Blanc de Blancs cava

Get the best wines to give as gifts from the most renowned bodegas in the size that suits you best, perfect to serve in any celebration and enjoy the unique nuances of each bottle.