What are the different types of white wine?

Do you know how many types of white wines there are in the world? In this post, you will find out all about 10 of the most popular different types of white wines and the different grape varieties for white wines. What’s more, we will share some of their main characteristics and tips to identify them. Would you like to find out more about them before you get to try them? 


Chardonnay white wines

I'm sure you've heard of Chardonnay white wines. And it’s no wonder, given that it is one of the most popular varieties of white wines globally. The name comes from an area in the north-east of France, in the Burgundy wine region. 
The grapes used to produce it are a pale yellow colour and rather acidic. Thanks to malolactic fermentation, its flavour is softened for silkier and even sweeter notes. It goes perfectly with pasta dishes, cheeses, vegetables and some fish, such as trout and salmon. A fine example is this Raimat Chardonnay Organic a single-variety wine from D.O. Costers del Segre which will show you all the flavour of this grape.


Cortese white wines

Less known than other white wine types, Cortese originates from the Italian provinces of Alessandria and Asti, where it's almost exclusively produced today. The complex flavour is achieved through a precise control of the temperature at which the grapes are ripened, a key feature of this wine. 
The result is a wine described as structured, fresh and tart with fruity and herbal notes. Its greenish hue is clear. Pair it with seafood, salads, dishes with pesto sauces and appetizers. It goes well with all foods with a well-defined flavour.


Gewürztraminer white wines

A grape of German origin is behind this light and refreshing wine with a sweet aroma. It is characterised by a spiced flavour, with spicy notes. Among these, pepper stands out. You will also be able to taste floral aromas, recalling different species that grow in gardens, such as lavender and roses. You will love the combination. As an example, this Viñas de Anna Chardonnay is a white wine from Anna de Codorniu which will provide you all the flavour of the grape. 
Put it on the table when serving fatty meats and especially exotic recipes, such as those from Asia that include spices in the recipe. It will be a success. 



Muscat white wines

If you ever ask yourself which is the softest and sweetest white wine, Muscat wine is the answer probably. The Muscat grape includes more than 200 different varieties and is the oldest grape on the planet. Although its origin is uncertain, it would seem that it was cultivated by early civilisations. They appreciated the sweet wines and sparkling wines that it created. 
Nowadays, they acquire their own characteristics depending on the area in which they are produced. Spanish wines are dry, while French wines are silky and Italian wines are sweeter. In all cases, they go perfectly with desserts. Try this Bach Frizzante Moscato suitable for noobs and experts. 


Pinot Blanc white wines 

The French region of Alsace is the main producer of the Pinot blanc grape, which produces one of the most famous dry white wine types with medium acidity. The flavour is rather fruity and smoky, with hints of dried fruits, star anise, nuts, etc. 
These wines are very light and easy to pair with any dish. They can be paired with poultry dishes such as turkey or chicken. Serve it also with dishes containing potatoes, either mashed or fried. 


Pinot Gris white wines

Just like the previous one, this grape is also grown in France, as well as the United States, Germany and Italy. Depending on the place where the wine is produced, they acquire different characteristics. The Italian ones are lighter, and their taste is somewhat acidic. On the other hand, those from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean are extra light. German ones are more full-bodied. 
Choose this white wine type if your menu includes fish, spaghetti carbonara and roast chicken, among other dishes. As an example, if you are looking for a pairing of an asian dish a Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio will be a perfect choice.



Riesling white wines

This white wine style was born in Germany, in the Rhine region, although it has spread to other countries such as France. When it comes to defining it, we must mention its smoothness and high acidity. It is fresh and has a low alcohol content. 
Serve very cold and with spicy recipes, such as dishes from India. Put it on the table when serving chicken, pork, shrimp and fish dishes. The pairing will be outstanding. 


Sauvignon Blanc white wine

Although it started being cultivated in Bordeaux (France), today it has spread all over the world. As a result, the production of the well-known fruity and herby flavoured wine knows no borders. It is generally silky and intense, with a short finish. 
Sauvignon blanc is ideal for pairing with vegetables, mushroom risotto, minced meats and meats with barbecue sauce, among other foods. It can also be eaten as an aperitif with pickled vegetables. We recommend you this Intramurs de Poblet White which its Sauvignon Blanc grape gives it a tropical and fruity touch. 


Semillon white wines 

The grape of the same name became the most widespread throughout the world. It’s responsible for wines with strong herbaceous notes and strong flavours, generally spicier and heavier than other whites. There also have fruity notes, which change according to the environment where they are produced. 
On the other hand, its texture is somewhat oily and creamy. The pairing of this white wine style is quite versatile, as it can be served with both white fish and pork chops. Also with potatoes, pumpkin, cheese, etc. 


Viognier white wines

Linked to ancient Rome, the Viognier grape is now cultivated in several parts of Europe. The result is a wine with acidic characteristics and floral notes. These are complemented by fruity flavours, reminiscent of pears and mandarin, as well as mango and honeysuckle. 
It can be paired with rice dishes, pork, chicken, mild cheeses, vegetables and seafood. So, you can serve it at dinners and lunches with a wide range of recipes. 
Now that you know more about the different types of white wines, you can start enjoying them. Choose one for every special occasion and surprise your guests by telling them how much you know about each one. They can also serve as a starting point to introduce you to the world of wine tourism  by visiting our different wineries. No doubt, you will love this experience.