Types of cava

Enjoy the many different types of cavas that you will find in 15 Bodegas categorized by grape variety, dosage, ageing or any special method used in the production process depending on the different cava brands.

Cuvée Barcelona 1872 Brut RoséCuvée Barcelona 1872 Brut Rosé

Descubre todo el aroma y el frescor de nuestra cuidada selección de cavas rosados, uno para disfrutar en cada ocasión y para cada paladar.


Cavas by dosage

Within our cava catalogue, you will find different types of cavas depending on the dosage of sugar they contain. From the least sweet, Brut Nature cava, which contains exclusively the natural sugars from the fruit used in its production process, to the sweetest cavas containing more that 50 grams of sugar per liter.


Parxet organic cava caseParxet organic cava case

Cavas by ageing

Depending on the time they have spent maturing, normally in an oak container, you will find different types of cava that can be divided into two categories:


Organic cavas are produced with organically grown grapes and eco-friendly tecniques. Thanks to the perfect combination of grape varieties, a well-structured cava with subtle flavor undertones is achieved.


Anna de Codorníu vegan cavaAnna de Codorníu vegan cava

Our cavas suitable for vegans are created without any animal products at any point of the production process. These are cavas with kind aromas that your senses will fall in love with.


Qualified Single vineyard cavas are those which hold a high-quality seal that grants them singularity. We are talking about unique cavas, with a distinctive personality perfect for a toast in unique ocassions.