Cava brands

Discover the different types of cava available in 15 Bodegas, perfect cavas from the most prestigious bodegas in Spain all for different occasions and events.

Codorníu Cuvée cavaCodorníu Cuvée cava

Learn everything about our Codorníu cavas from the most ancient bodega in Spain and please your palate with cavas from Anna de Codorníu, the utmost expression of the brand’s values and traits, cavas with a unique personality.

You will also find Codorníu cavas from Ars Collecta, our collection of high-quality cavas, produced following artisan methods that originated in the more than 500 years of experience of the brand.


Parxet is another prestigious bodega that produces wonderful cavas. They are known for their use of the white pansa grape, and are backed by their 100 years of experience in the market. In our catalogue, you can also find Titana and Signat cavas; their cava bottles are an ode to the excellence and expertise of each of these bodegas.


Bach Rosé cava brutBach Rosé cava brut

Bach cavas are one of the most prominent cavas. The brand and their bodega have a long wine tradition in their designation of origin, D.O. Penedès, which is popular because of the delicate aromas found in each bottle.


Mont-Ferrant cavas convey perfectly the bodega’s essence; we are talking about cavas which are easy to drink and understand —perfect for beginners— ready to enjoy in any situation.


Try our Raimat cavas, unique cavas which have been frown in certified sustainable fields, originated in a plantation which is pioneer in wine and farming technologies. They work with several grape varieties which are treated respectfully according to their particular characteristics.