Peñín Guide: top-rated Spanish wines of 2023

The Peñín Guide has rated the best Spanish wines of 2023. What is Peñín Guide? Peñín Guide is the most complete Spanish wine manual of the recommended Spanish wines. Like every year, the journalist José Peñín and his team have tasted the products of the most important wineries to reach a verdict. Thanks to their talent, skills and wine knowledge, you will have no difficulty in choosing the most outstanding one. Discover Peñín wine Guide and the best classification of Spanish wines in 15 Bodegas with the best scores of Peñín Guide 2023.


Scala Dei Wines

With a long and prolific history behind it, Scala Dei winery it’s one of the best wineries in the country. It started producing its first wines in 1263, although the firm's breakthrough came in the 19th century with the Priorat’s wines Designation of Origin. Since then, their method has been characterised by a careful process and innovation. 
The Peñín Guide's Scala Dei tasters tried five wines, including Scala Dei Sant Antoni 2018, Scala Dei Masdeu 2017 and L´Heretge 2018. The first, which scored a total of 95 points out of 100, is a Crianza red wine with a complex structure and a touch of elegance, made from red Garnacha. 
Masdeu 2017 is a single varietal red wine made from Grenache, just like the previous wine. It scored 94 thanks to its freshness and finesse. The smell reveals a spice and mineral aroma with subtle herbal notes. The palate is medium-bodied, with an acidic, spicy taste and a dry finish. 
Finally, L'Heretge 2018 also achieved a score of 94. Made from Carignan grapes variety, only 3,000 bottles were produced following a traditional method inherited from the Carthusian monks, who lived in the winery when it was a monastery. The result is a red wine with an intense colour, bright reflections, complex aromas and elegant intensity. 


Codorníu Winery 

This well-known winery has produced two outstanding Codorniu’s cavas in Peñín Guide: Ars Collecta Gran Reserva 457 and Gran Reserva 459. Both obtained a score of 95 and are the producer's great reserve cavas masterpieces made with the varieties chardonnay, pinot noir and xarel-lo. The best grapes from each vintage were always selected to achieve impressive results. 
The Gran Reserva 457 underwent an aging process of at least 90 months in the bottle. This has resulted in a very dry brut cava sparkling wine with an aroma of yeast, flowers and elderflower as well as a creamy taste with a medium body. As for the Codorníu Ars Collecta 459, it’s a cava with a delicate scent full of nuances, and with a persistent and intense aroma. When you taste it, you will immediately notice its complexity and elegance. 



Abadia de Poblet wines

Among the five wines presented by Abadia de Poblet winery in Peñín Guide, El Tossal de la Salut 2019, which is a Conca de Barberà D.O. obtained 94 points making it the best of the winery. To get to know it in detail, it’s an author wine single varietal Grenache fermented with whole clusters and indigenous yeasts. It was also subjected to a 14-month maturation process. 
As a result of all this hard work, the wine has some surprising characteristics. It has an intense cherry red colour, a powerful aroma with notes of spice and frankincense, and a fresh flavour. On the other hand, it is important to note that the production process was handmade, so there are only 1,200 bottles on the market. 


Legaris wines 

Legaris in Peñín Guide is also included thanks to four of its wines. Two of them scored 93 points in Peñín Guide: Alcubilla de Avellaneda 2018 and Olmedillo de Roa 2018. The first was awarded Best Spanish Wine in Peñín Guide and Best Ribera del Duero of 2022 at The International Wine Challenge. The reasons for its success are its elegant notes, the fruity flavour with a touch of oak and a freshness that comes from the altitude at which the type of vineyard is located. 
The Olmedillo de Roa 2018 is a return to the style, richness and uniqueness of Ribera del Duero’s wines. This is a fine, powerful and genuine red wine, the result of an exceptional vintage. If you are looking for a unique author wine, this is one you will really enjoy. 



Raimat wines

In Peñín Guide Raimat winery score 90 in five of their wines. This winery specialises in the production of sustainable and organic wines, two characteristics on which its philosophy is based. For over a century, they have been using production methods that focus on respecting nature, without affecting the quality of the wine. 
Turons de Vallcorba 2019 is an aromatic 100% Cabernet Sauvignon red wine with predominant flavours and aromas of berries. You can also find subtle hints of spices and vanilla. You will notice that its aroma lingers on the palate. If you are concerned about the tannins, you should know that they are noble. 
The Peñín Guide award-winning wine Turons de la Pleta 2020 is a 100% Chardonnay white wine with a unique profile that has undergone a careful production process. Its aroma is very similar to peaches and ripe apples. Once you try it, you will notice its freshness and a pleasant full body. It features an elegant, expressive and, at times, intense body. 
It is also worth knowing the main characteristics of the Vol d'Ànima de Raimat Rosé 2022. As the name suggests, it’s a rosé wine that will surprise you with its fruity and fragrant blend. This wine has a delicate fragrance. The aromas of fresh berries and citrus will win you over.



If you want to enjoy the best wines, the recommendations provided by the Peñín Guide are an excellent solution. In this post, we have analysed some of the most outstanding wines for their qualities, aroma and flavour, but there are many more. If you would like to try them, you can find them at 15 Bodegas online wine store. All are available in our extensive collection. Don’t miss them!