2 February 2023


Enjoy a visit and calçotada in Codorníu


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Looking for a wine-tourism plan for this winter? This is the perfect activity to discover, learn and enjoy yourself with a drink – as well as some good food! Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of the most outstanding wineries in Spain: Codorníu. Located in Catalonia, Codorníu has almost 500 years of winegrowing tradition behind it and is recognised for its high-quality products. In this article, we want to present a unique experience to you, allowing you to get to know this incredible area and enjoy the best Codorníu cavas and wines in the country.


Codorníu Discovery Tour & Calçotada, an unforgettable plan for this winter

This winter, the Codorníu winery invites you to learn more about the history and heritage of this Catalan winery thanks to its Discovery Tour. This is a fantastic opportunity, offering the chance to see how the wines are made, and much more. Read on to find out everything you’ll find during your visit to winery.


Discovering the history of cava with Codorníu

This experience consists of a 45-minute tour – plenty time to be amazed by everything Codorníu has to offer you. The aim of this tour is to give you a good understanding of the winery’s know-how and evolution. You’ll quickly realise that this is a great way to learn a little bit of the history of Spain and our country’s winegrowing culture.

The tour starts with a great welcome in the Puig Room, also known as the Cathedral of Cava. In this superb setting, you’ll learn a host of curious facts about the business, from its foundation in 1551 to the present day.

After this, it’s time to go down into the historic underground cellars that date back to the end of the 19th century. Here, you’ll learn about the process of making cava and have the chance to admire some of the old machines once used for this task. Then, hop on board the wagons for a train journey through the cellars. You’ll have a great time!

You’ll also learn about old printing presses and how these products have been present throughout history. However, if what you like best about wine is drinking it, the best is yet to come, with a tasting of two cavas. Of course, you can also stop off at the winery’s shop to treat yourself to a fantastic souvenir of your trip. But the fun doesn’t end there.


Cava pairings and calçotsCava pairings and calçots
Calçots pairingCalçots pairing

Calçotada with Non Plus Ultra cava

What’s for sure is that the visit Codorníu winery couldn’t have a better ending. That’s because Codorníu offers us a truly enjoyable experience: an authentic calçotada, a traditional Catalan winter barbecue. The perfect excuse to try out the pairing with their Non Plus Ultra cava!

If you’re not familiar with this concept, let us explain: this is a typical Catalan culinary gathering around a bonfire to eat the famous calçots. These are simply a variety of spring onion, roasted on the grill and accompanied with garlic sauce. An exquisite dish that, paired with Codorníu cava, becomes all the more special.

But don’t think you’ll just be eating calçots, the menu that awaits you in this winery is sure to win you over. To get started, you’ll enjoy an appetiser of Arbequina olives and Mediterranean crisps. Then, some locally grown calçots accompanied with sauce and barbecue grilled meat.

Get ready to try delicacies like butifarra sausage, lamb or free-range chicken. To top it all off, you’ll find sides of grilled potatoes with aioli, sautéed Santa Pau beans and grilled artichoke. To finish, a sweet dessert of oranges and crema catalana. As you can see, this is a fantastic experience to share with friends or family.


Pairings for this winter

Want to copy this idea and enhance the culinary experience in your own home? You just need to know the best pairings with cava for winter dishes. At this time of year, heavier and fattier foods dominate, as they help us to retain body heat. You’ll need to bear this in mind when it comes to making your choice. Here are a few recommendations:


Anna de Codorníu Rosé: Stews with dark poultry meat, such as quail, as well as legumes, will find a great partner in this rosé cava for the perfect wine pairing.

Codorníu Ars Collecta Blanc de Noirs Reserva: The elegance offered by the pinot noir variety makes this cava the perfect companion for hearty dishes, like pasta with meat.

Gran Plus Ultra Chardonnay Brut Nature: This cava offers a great complexity of nuances typical of the  chardonnay variety, allowing it to be paired perfectly with a wide variety of dishes. If you’re thinking about preparing a stew, seafood or mountain dishes, duck magret or if you simply want to opt for some strong flavours, this is your best option.

Gran Plus Ultra Pinot Noir: Oily fish is a great choice for winter dishes, thanks to its fat content. A good way to balance this fat is with the acidity offered by a prestige wine like this.

Codorníu Mediterrania: This cava transports us to the Mediterranean, but that’s not all it can do. It makes for a delicious accompaniment to snails, stews and slow-cooked meats. Without a doubt, an unmissable dish for the coldest months of the year.

Anna de Codorníu Brut Nature: As you already know, the difference between Brut and Brut Nature is in the amount of sugar, so Brut Nature cava is not as sweet as Brut Nature cava, its fine bubbles and delicate nuances make it an ideal choice to accompany desserts with nuts, chocolate and pastries.


If you like food and travelling, don’t hesitate to bring your two passions together with the wine-tourism plan we’ve shared with you in this article. Want to experience this unforgettable adventure? Book with us now


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