Types of wine

Learn everything about the different types of wine you will find in 15 Bodegas categorized by grape variety, features and any special method used in the production process.


There are different types of red wine that can be classified in different ways: depending on the variety of red grape that has been used in its production, or according to their ageing process. In 15 Bodegas, you will find the best collection of red wines that perfectly express the Spanish wine tradition and culture.


The different types of white wines can be classified according to different parameters, for example, the origin of the wine, or its characteristics. Moreover, we can categorize wines depending on the area where they have been produced, finding different designations of origin, as well as types of wine according to their ageing.


Rose wine Bach Viña ExtrísimaRose wine Bach Viña Extrísima

Discover all the different types of rosé wines, with their different aromas and freshness and enjoy the best pairing with rosé wines, perfect for any occasion and palate.


Sweet wines are those which contain a higher percentage of sugar, mainly because of the grape variety used, its over-ageing process or even the raisinification of the grapes. You can find sweet wines of the utmost quality in 15 Bodegas.


Sparkling wine Royal CarltonSparkling wine Royal Carlton

Our types of sparkling wines are renowned because of their delicate bubbles, where the different aromas that will captivate your senses reside.


Learn about the different types of vegan wines that you can purchase at 15 Bodegas, wines that do not contain or use animal products or ingredients in their production process.


Raimat sparkling wine packRaimat sparkling wine pack

Our organic wines have been produced with grape varieties grown using organic techniques. This means that the soil and vineyard where these wines are elaborated are free of chemicals.


Wines by ageing

Depending on the maturing process of the wine, you will find different types of wine by their ageing, each of them with different nuances and traits unique to their maturing process.


Olmedillo de RoaOlmedillo de Roa

Our different types of author wines are produced by our oenologists and expert winemakers, and are remarkable because of their unique identity and own essence. You can purchase these wines in 15 Bodegas and enjoy their authenticity and uniqueness whenever you prefer.


The village wines you will find in 15 Bodegas encapsulate the characteristics and singularities of the elaboration process and grape varieties grown in a particular town.


Legaris Prestige WineLegaris Prestige Wine

This collection of legacy wines is a limited edition wine selection produced by our own winemakers whose vineyards have been meticulously nurtured to obtain the best grapes and then create the most special and highest quality wines.