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Séptima Malbec is an Argentine wine made in Bodegas Séptima. It is the perfect balance between historical heritage, innovation and oenological excellence. Wine made 100% with the Malbec variety is a soft, warm and balanced wine.

Paula Borgo
Bodega Séptima Oenologist
Ideal to pair with red meats, game and gourmet dishes.

Bright ruby red.


Well-defined and persistent. Notes of plums and figs combine with the vanilla notes from oak ageing, making the wine pleasant and subtle.


Sweet and dense on the palate, with an attractive mineral taste. Long and persistent finish, with a delicate flavour of sweet black berries.

Varieties and Analysis


Contains sulfites


Alcohol volume (%)


Designation of Origin



Red wine



Suitable for vegans
15bodegas.com Reviews with ekomi.es

The Winery

The Séptima winery is located in Mendoza, the largest wine-producing region in Argentina, with the Andes mountain range to the west.  360 hectares of vineyards at an altitude of 1,050 metres above sea level, the vines are cared for individually and completely by hand. The great level of respect for the land and minimal intervention winemaking processes ensure that Séptima wines are of the highest quality.

Elaboration - Vinification

The wine was kept for six months in second-use French and American oak barrels.

Grapes were harvested and placed in plastic bins with a capacity of 350 kg. Then, they were destemmed, and the berries were gently crushed in order to release the juice inside. The must was placed in stainless steel tanks, where cold maceration was performed at 8-10 °C for 5 days in order to obtain delicate aromas and colour. Later, selected yeasts were added to start the fermentation, which was carried out at a controlled temperature of 26-28 °C for 7-10 days. On a daily basis, must was carefully pumped over until the end of the fermentation process. After this stage, 100% of the wine was kept for six months in second-use French and American oak barrels. Once bottled, the wine was cellared for 3 months.

Vineyard - Viticulture

It is a 100% Malbec wine made with own grapes from the district of Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo.

The harvest began in the first half of March, collecting the bunches manually. It is a 100% Malbec wine made with own grapes from the district of Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo. The precision agriculture that we practice in our vineyards allows to elaborate varietal wines that transmit the maximum expression of the terroir. The soil, of zero tillage, is very deep, of alluvial origin with low contents of organic matter and excellent permeability. It is covered by grasses and legumes that provide nutrients and improve the structure, while acting as a preventive control of early frosts. The climate has a great thermal amplitude that reaches 15 degrees. With a balanced canopy management it is possible to give a correct exposure of the clusters to the sun, to achieve an adequate maturity not only of the sugars but especially of the balanced polyphenols. Vines, oriented in a trellis system in a bilateral cord, with an efficient control drip irrigation results in optimum maturity. The yield was 10,000 kg/ha.

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