Claustre Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs Tinto

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The Claustre de l'Abat Miró Tinto is a wine that seeks to show the direct and immediate expression, without nuances, of the vineyards that form it. A pure reflection of the vintage.

Xevi Carbonell
Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs Oenologist
The vintage was marked by a severe drought throughout the vineyard cycle. The warm spring and late summer made for an advanced harvest. The grapes produced an aromatic, fine and tense wine. 

Vivid color with violet reflections and good depth.


Its aroma is intense, frank and fruity.


The palate is silky, lively, fresh and with a long aftertaste.

Varieties and Analysis


Contains sulfites


Alcohol volume (%)

D.O. Penedès

Designation of Origin

Pinot Noir, Syrah, Tempranillo


Red wine



Suitable for vegans
15bodegas.com Reviews with ekomi.es

The Winery

The Monastery of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs was founded in 1024 by the nobleman Mir Geribert, self-styled Prince of Olèrdola, who led a revolt against the Count of Barcelona Ramon Berenguer I. During the first years, San Sebastián de los Gorgs became an Abbey and the monastery of reference for the whole Penedès, Anoia and Baix Llobregat, with many possessions of land and vineyards. In 1409 it became dependent on the Abbey of Montserrat and community life disappeared. With the disentailments of the 19th century, the monastery became the property of private individuals.

The wines in this collection are fresh and aromatic and are made in an artisanal way with grapes from small vineyards surrounding the Monastery of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs (DO Penedès). Faithful to the varieties grown in the Penedès, these wines are the result of the meticulous work of wanting to capture their origin as clearly as possible. They are honest, frank and direct wines with a clear intention to be enjoyed from the first moment.

Elaboration - Vinification

Fermentation with whole grapes. 

Gentle fermentation and maceration at a controlled temperature of 23 ºC in stainless steel tanks. All plots fermented and aged separately in foudres of different sizes until blending prior to bottling.

Vineyard - Viticulture

The first plot, a 20 year old vineyard, under the influence of the Anoia river, is located about 200 meters above sea level, in a calcareous, shallow and loamy soil with a soft profile. 

We obtain a ripe grape with great fruitiness. The second plot, a 50-year-old goblet-trained vineyard, is located about 200 meters above sea level, on a calcareous loam soil with a gentle slope that allows for late ripening, maintaining the structure and tannins. The last plot, a 21 year old vineyard, is located at 300 meters above sea level, on a calcareous soil of sedimentary origin with a loamy texture. Slow ripening is obtained to obtain a tasty grape with freshness. All the plots are in organic practice or in conversion.

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