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Aszú Tokaj 3 puttonyos is a sweet wine from the Oremus winery in Hungary, founded by Vega Sicilia.  This wine is only made in certain vintages, when the weather means that the grapes are fissured after swelling due to humidity, allowing noble rot or “botrytis cinerea” to develop, a highly valued process in the production of naturally sweet wines. Oremus Aszú Tokaj 3 puttonyos undergoes an exacting winemaking process that culminates in 2 to 3 years spent ageing in barrels located in the cellars carved into the volcanic soil underneath the winery.  This sweet wine with aromas of stone fruit, pineapple in syrup, sponge cake and honey can be enjoyed over the next decades, but why wait so long when you could uncork a bottle today?

Starters, fish, shellfish, molluscs and crustaceans, white meat, poultry, cheese.

Clean on orange marmalade, candied fruits and honey.


Elegant and fresh, with an acidity that makes it a vibrant and velvety wine.

Varieties and Analysis


Contains sulfites


Alcohol volume (%)

White wine



Suitable for vegans
15bodegas.com Reviews with ekomi.es

Elaboration - Vinification

Fermentation takes place in new Hungarian oak barrels.

The production of Aszú wine is a meticulous process that is only possible in good vintages and very special conditions that favor the development of Botrytis cinerea (noble rot). It is still based on measurements from hundreds of years ago, adding 3 baskets (puttonyos) of 25 kg to the base must. each one of Aszú grapes harvested one by one and covered with Botrytis.
The grapes are macerated for two days until they increase in size, and then they are lightly pressed. Fermentation takes place in new Hungarian oak barrels. It is a slow process that can take up to two months.
The aging phase is completed for two or three years in 136 and 220 liter barrels, and ends with one more year in the bottle.

Vineyard- Viticulture

Mild temperatures help the early formation of Botrytis.

Vintage 2014
An atypical winter with mild temperatures and extremely dry December, gave way to a somewhat rainier start to 2014 than normal. The heat in spring accelerated the growth of the plant and the cycle was two weeks earlier than usual. Thanks to a summer without extreme heat and with intermittent rains, ripening returns to its natural rhythm. The rains do not stop in autumn and the mild temperatures help the early formation of Botrytis. The selection in the harvest was fundamental, with very low yields of 280 kgs. per hectare that mark the crisp and fruity style and the refreshing acidity, the hallmark of Aszú wines.

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