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The Raimat estate enjoys a unique natural setting, surrounded by sustainable vineyards, within an ecosystem that is paradise for local birds. This means that sightings of nesting storks are very common in Saira, a village near to Raimat, which lends the wine its name, Raimat Saira Albariño. This white wine displays intense aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and the notes of white flowers that are very typical of the Albariño variety. Its volume, freshness and length on the palate make it great for food pairing. These factors, plus the 91 points received by this wine in 2020 from James Suckling, all add up to making this a delicious white wine.

Carles Escolar
Raimat Oenologist
A perfect pairing with typical dishes that contain white meats, fish, seafood as well as rice dishes and pastas. Ideal served Asian cuisine such as Japanese and Thai, tempuras, grilled vegetables, also with aperitifs such as anchovies, cockles, octopus, olives, etc.

Brilliance, straw yellow with greenish highlights.


Great aromatic complexity; mineral aromas appear first, underlain with notes of white flowers, tropical fruit such as mango, stone fruit such as nectarine and a more citrus touch of ripe grapefruit. 


A broad wine, full of texture and continental character. An initial fresh sensation with a more voluminous middle palate and a long refreshing finish. The notes on the nose reappear at different moments. The more citrus notes give way to mineral notes and touches of mango on the palate rounded off by white flowers and nuances of melon.

Varieties and Analysis


Contains sulfites


Alcohol volume (%)



White wine



Suitable for vegans
15bodegas.com Reviews with ekomi.es

The Winery

The history of Raimat goes back to 1914, when Manuel Raventós i Domènech acquired a plot of arid and unfertile land in a unique setting, converting it into what it is today: 2,245 hectares of 100% certified organic vineyards.  Raimat is the expression of wines from Lleida, a land renowned for the quality of its fruit, where the continental climate means that the grapes from this estate give intense and flavourful wines.  The winery is a pioneer in the use of the latest growing and winemaking technology, making a clear commitment to sustainable viticulture and to respecting the land and the environment.

Elaboration - Vinification

The vanilla and woody notes come from fermentation in barrels.

The Albariño grapes come from vineyards that are harvested separately when they have ripened optimally. Each batch is fermented separately to obtain texture and complexity. The coldest plot is fermented at a low temperature to obtain the citrus component. Creaminess is achieved from fermentations on the lees and daily stirring. The vanilla and woody notes come from fermentation in barrels. To achieve even greater complexity we use a small percentage of albariño aged for over 10 months in barrels. Selected yeasts are used in the fermentations. The wine is kept under optimum conditions until it is stabilized, filtered and bottled. 

Vineyard- Viticulture

Albariño grapes selected exclusively from Raimat vineyards. 

Raimat practices sustainable viticulture. All Raimat vineyards are certified by the CCPI (Catalan Council for Integrated Production) as grapes produced with methods that respect the environment and people's health. Raimat has developed environmental policies taking advantage of the Voluntary Agreements on the subject of the Environment, it adheres to the ISO 14001 Standard, an international standard of environmental management as well as, integrated production certifications in the vast majority of its products, and ecological for its range of organic products. Raimat actively participates in the development of new sustainability seals and regulations, looking to the future and ensuring a better world.

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