Cavas for enjoying the Verbena of San Juan Cavas for enjoying the Verbena of San Juan

25 May 2023


The best cavas for enjoying the Verbena of San Juan


15 Bodegas Editorial Team


There is no doubt that the Night of San Juan is one of the most magical events of the year. Rituals, spells and celebrations take place throughout Spain on this date, and we’re sure your city or town is no different! It is the perfect excuse to celebrate the beginning of summer in the best way possible. And, of course, no celebration could be complete without a nice glass of cava or wine, but which cavas should you choose?


Celebrating with cava in San Juan: the best ritual

As with the new year, the summer solstice marks a turning point where we can leave everything bad behind us and wish for a better future. Pagan beliefs and religions are intermingled on this day that is so important to so many, giving free rein to a host of superstitions. And it is here where cava can form part of your magic ritual. This delicious sparkling wine is synonymous with parties, celebrations and moments full of joy. It’s clear that the festivities of San Juan would not be the same without it.


As you open the bottle to taste wine, the characteristic sound of the cork popping when open a bottle of wine will give rise to shouts of excitement and laughter from everyone present. Then the bubbles will begin their iconic dance as they float into the type of glass, creating an atmosphere full of celebration and excitement. This is the moment to raise your glass to the light of the moon and feel how the heat of the fire blends with the freshness of the bubbles on your lips. Don’t forget to make your wish!


Celebrating San Juan with cava symbolises the beginning of new experiences, renewal and hope for a prosperous future. Is there anything more magical than that?


The best cavas for San Juan

But, of course, just as important as celebrating is knowing which cavas to choose. That is why we wanted to prepare a small selection of our products to make this period even more special. Take note of the best value-for-money Cavas!


Cava for San JuanCava for San Juan
Cavas pairings for San JuanCavas pairings for San Juan


An evening to set the mood at the Verbena of San Juan

Start getting in a festive mood as early as mid-afternoon. Get together with your friends to chat, make plans for San Juan and, most importantly, have a great time. And of course this wouldn’t be the same without drinks.


Have you tried our rosé cavas? This variety of types of sparkling wines is usually fresh, fruity and very aromatic. It is also versatile and can be adapted to various occasions. It is a great option for an aperitif, as its vivacity and refreshing character stimulate your appetite. If you’re interested in rosé sparkling wine, don’t miss out on our following varieties:


Codorníu Ars Collecta Grand Rosé Reserva: a luxury cava from the Codorníu winery that will envelop you with its quality and excellence. A pinot noir from Segrià, a trepat from Conca de Barberà and a xarel·lo from Penedès have been blended to produce this exquisite and aromatic rosé cava with a subtle touch of citrus fruit.

Anna de Codorníu Rosé: with its evocative freshness and elegance, Anna de Codorníu Rosé is the perfect accompaniment for any kind of tapas.

Codorníu Gran Plus Ultra Pinot Noir: here we have a legend. Did you know that it was the first cava in Spain to be made with pinot noir? Discover its intense, fresh and creamy flavour. Perfect for hearty appetisers!

In our online catalogue you can also low-alcoholic sparkling wine options, such as Codorníu Zero and our canned Spritz to enjoy the San Juan festivities.


Dinner on the terrace with the family

This is the perfect occasion to strengthen bonds with our loved ones. So why not organise a dinner at home to enjoy pairing with cava? It is the best starting point for all the fun and frivolity that will come afterwards. You could also take advantage of the good weather and venture out onto the terrace for a dinner outdoors. With just a few details you can create the most wonderful atmosphere.

For this special occasion, you need the very best cava, such as our reservas or gran reservas, Brut cava and a Brut Nature. They’re a safe bet! We offer the following options:


Codorníu Ars Collecta Blanc de Blancs Reserva: with all the smoothness of a chardonnay and high levels of acidity, this gran reserva cava from Codorníu is perfect to cava pairing with fish and seafood. If you’re thinking of offering cod or monkfish for your dinner and finishing it off with a Coca de San Juan, this is your best option.

Jaume Codorníu Gran Reserva Ars Collecta: with its intense and complex aromas, this cava is the perfect choice to serve alongside fish, seafood, poultry and mushroom dishes. You could start with some mussels in vinaigrette as an appetiser, then serve chicken supreme in a mushroom sauce for the main course. Delicious!

Parxet Brut Reserva Organic: this cava is made from white Pansa, Macabeo and Parellada grapes. An exquisite combination that is perfect for those extra-special occasions.

Mont-Ferrant Brut Reserva Organic: with all the essence of Blanes, this organic cava is another fantastic option for adding an elegant and exquisite feel to a dinner with friends and family.

Midnight toast

The most magical moment is here, where we toast at midnight to a prosperous summer and future in the best of company. Which cava should you choose for this important moment? We would recommend a brut nature. The summer solstice is the ideal occasion to appreciate the beauty of nature, and also to enjoy these “wildly natural” sparkling wines that radiate purity and authenticity. Give the following a try:


Parxet Brut Nature: with its delicate, fresh and balanced flavours, Parxet Brut Nature is a fantastic choice for celebrating and enjoying the most wonderful night of the year.

Anna de Codorníu Brut Nature: here we have a cava that offers all the creaminess of a chardonnay along with refreshing citrus notes. With this wine, Anna de Codorníu can become the charm to bring you good luck this San Juan.

Titiana Brut Nature Vintage: we will finish our little journey with this Titiana Vintage reserva. This is another wine containing chardonnay grape varieties that will charm you with its complexity and fullness on the palate.

Any of the cavas that we have shared with you here would be perfect for celebrating this day with your closest friends and family, although you can also take a look at our Qualified Single Vineyard Cavas with their own personality. And as you have seen, celebrating with this delicious drink can also become a ritual that will bring you good luck. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you have your bottle this San Juan!


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