Raventós de Alella Viognier

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Raventós de Alella Viognier is a wine made with this variety of white grape almost disappeared, recovered with very good results.

Xevi Carbonell
Raventós de Alella Oenologist
Raventós de Alella Viognier is a wine that pairs well with salads, pasta and rice dishes, as well as recipes that contain pork, coconut and peach.

Pale yellow color with green edges characteristic of his youth.


Its aroma is intense with notes of peach, white fruit, citrus with a background of light toasted.


Fresh, light and subtle wine. In short, an elegant and delicate wine.


Varieties and Analysis


Contains sulfites


Alcohol volume (%)

D.O. Alella

Designation of Origin



White wine

15bodegas.com Reviews with ekomi.es

The Winery

The Raventós de Alella winery is located among the old vines and forests towards the interior of the coastal mountain range that divides the D.O. Alella. Since 1981, the year when the first vintage was made, the winery's philosophy has always been to extract the very best possibilities from a grape variety that genuinely belongs to the area: Pansa Blanca. The innovative, cutting-edge and international character of the winery has resulted in wines that are in constant evolution, maintaining the maximum respect for the natural materials and the identity of the area.

Elaboration - Vinification

Pressing of the whole grape and very slow fermentation.

Pressing of the whole grape and very slow fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16 °C. 30% of the must has fermented in French oak barrels.

Vineyard - Viticulture

Alella is characterized by the sandy texture soil called sauló.

Alella is characterized by the sandy texture soil called sauló. It is a very poor in nutrients soil, with low water retention and a moderate pH. Density is 3,700 vines/Ha distance between rows of 2.2 × 1.2 meters between vines. Gobelet form is used for the older vines, while new plantations are trellised using the cordon royat system. Vines are pruned short.

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