Raimat Turons de la Pleta

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During this new phase of renovation at Raimat, we wanted to show the expression of specific terroirs within our estates, which show unique and distinctive characteristics. This idea gave rise to the Turons range. Small productions of high quality wines with their own personality. Selected corners of the best vineyards located in the folds of the Raimat hills. Human intervention is minimal: the vineyard expresses itself just as it is. Action is only taken when strictly necessary. We only carry out minimal pruning and shoot thinning, giving rise to small, very intense grapes, which then leads to wines that are as distinctive as Turons de la Pleta.


vintage 2019
90 points
Guía Gourmets
9.00 points
Guia de Vins de Catalunya
93 points
Guía de los 365 días (Vivir el Vino)
Carles Escolar
Raimat Oenologist
The perfect accompaniment to dishes that contain white meat, oily or smoked fish, seafood, ceviche, rice and characterful cheeses.

Bright yellow colour with green highlights.


Elegant and fresh. An intense nose with predominant aromas of stone fruit, such as peach, and white fruit, particularly ripe apple.


Attractive from the outset, the wine is fresh and balanced, with noticeable volume and texture due to its ageing in oak foudres.  A very expressive wine that retains its fruit expression with subtle and respectful oak integration.

Varieties and Analysis


Contains sulfites


Alcohol volume (%)

D.O. Costers del Segre

Designation of Origin



White wine



Suitable for vegans
15bodegas.com Reviews with ekomi.es

The Winery

The history of Raimat goes back to 1914, when Manuel Raventós i Domènech acquired a plot of arid and unfertile land in a unique setting, converting it into what it is today: 2,245 hectares of 100% certified organic vineyards.  Raimat is the expression of wines from Lleida, a land renowned for the quality of its fruit, where the continental climate means that the grapes from this estate give intense and flavourful wines.  The winery is a pioneer in the use of the latest growing and winemaking technology, making a clear commitment to sustainable viticulture and to respecting the land and the environment.

Elaboration - Vinification

Ageing then takes place over 12 months in French oak foudres, without any influence from toasted oak.

Selective hand harvesting is carried out of the best parcel on this turó, which is an elevated area of land, and only the optimal part of the parcel for this product.  The grapes are harvested at night, taking advantage of the lowest temperatures to retain all their aromas, in 10kg crates to avoid oxidation of the grapes, which are then transported quickly to the winery for processing.  We carry out cold skin maceration prior to pressing, natural clarification at low temperatures over 24-48h and controlled fermentation.  Fermentation is completed in French oak foudres.  Once finished, racking is carried out to remove the gross lees, leaving the fine lees to add texture and complexity to the wine through weekly bâtonnage over the first months.  Subsequent ageing then takes place over 12 months in French oak foudres, without any influence from toasted oak, seeking to retain the fruit in a long-aged wine.

Vineyard - Viticulture

The vine, which is 21 years old, is short-pruned and a light shoot thinning is carried out to obtain the maximum balance.

The grapes come from a parcel that is situated on one of Raimat's "turons". Elevated at 50-100m above the valley, it offers vine-growing conditions that are completely different to the rest of Raimat's zones, with a greater influence from the Cierzo wind, greater sun exposure, good drainage and root oxygenation (although they are limited in depth by our “cervell de gat”). These conditions, together with the presence of chalkstones and pebbles on the surface, help reflect light and favour the grapes' sun exposure, leading to their full ripening and obtaining grapes with maximum fruit expression.
The vine, which is 21 years old, is short-pruned and a light shoot thinning is carried out to obtain the maximum balance. The grapes express their full potential in a natural way. This all contributes to obtaining very intense Chardonnay grapes.

Characteristics of the vintage
We could consider the 2019 vintage to be one of the best of the last 20 years.  The health was excellent, with a complete absence of disease and pests.  The summer was dry and not particularly hot, except some minor heat waves towards the end of the season.  The most important ripening period was exceptional. An almost a complete lack of rainfall and markedly cold nights, which allowed each vineyard to be harvested at the optimum moment.  Thanks to this favourable weather, our white wines are fresh and very fruity, with intense primary aromas, reflecting their health and good level of ripeness.  In terms of production, it could be considered a normal year.

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