Wine brands

Within the depths of the word of wine, if you aim to find perfect gifts for wine lovers, one of the main things to take into consideration is the brand of wine you are going to pick. The different bodegas that you will find have different wine brands that are distinguished because of their qualities. In 15 Bodegas, we will show you all wine brands that you can purchase from our catalogue.

Viña Pomal Reserva winesViña Pomal Reserva wines

In Bodegas Bilbaínas, you will find the best D.O. Rioja wines from a bodega which goes back to the year 1859, being the most ancient wine firm in La Rioja.


Learn about our Portal del Montsant wines, a brand that creates exceptional wines that stand out because of the historic grape varieties of the area that they use in their production process: garnacha and cariñena.


Bach dry wineBach dry wine

In our Bach wines catalogue, you can find different types of wine: from red to white wine and, of course, rosé wine, perfect to accompany any meal or snack.


If you are looking for wines with a solid personality, you will also find Legaris, a brand that creates wines remarkable for their complex aromas and different nuances from Bodega Legaris.


Scala Dei Prior wineScala Dei Prior wine

Scala Dei wines come from one of the most ancient bodegas from the D.O.Q. Priorat, Bodega Scala Dei, where they mainly produce garnacha wines. These wines capture the essence of the landscape, the weather and the ancient varieties that grow in the area, creating as a result artisan wines with a very limited production.


In 15 Bodegas, there are plenty of options from Bodega Raimat to choose from. This bodega with more than a hundred years of wine history elaborate their wines with grape varieties of the utmost quality which result in wonderful Raimat wines, most of them being organic wines that have been highly awarded by international critics.


Rosé Anna wineRosé Anna wine

Other brands you also have available in 15 Bodegas’ catalogue are Codorníu and Anna de Codorníu wines, prominent because of their elegance, freshness and fruity aromas.


Give our Séptima wines a taste, argentinian wines created in the most important wine producing region in Argentina. These wines are elaborated from grapes that are individually handled and cared for, which results in wines of the most exquisite quality which have been rightfully acclaimed by the international public.


Yellow Tail wineYellow Tail wine

Yellow Tail wines

Taste our Yellow Tail wines, a brand that provides different types of red wine and white wine with a unique personality, produced from grapes original from great quiality Australian vineyards.


Tiono wines, which belong to the D.O. Ribera del Duero, are the perfect option to uncork and celebrate in any occasion.


Abadia de Poblet red wineAbadia de Poblet red wine

Abadia de Poblet wines come from a unique area that has preserved the traditional local grape varieties. They are wines that convey the different traits of the types of grape they are produced from and the terroir in which they are grown.


Achieve the perfect pairing with one of our Can Matons wines from the D.O. Alella, a wine brand that expresses beautifully the essence of some of the most singular vineyards of the designation of origin.