Experience harvest at Raimat

Experience harvest hands-on.  Enjoy the unrivalled feeling of participating in the process of harvesting, pressing and filling the barrels with the must that will become Raimat wine in a few months’ time. Afterwards we'll enjoy a grape-pickers' lunch at the foot of the vines.

  • Guided activity
  • Over 18s only
  • Includes the activity and lunch in the vineyards
  • Duration of the activity: 180 minutes
  • No training or prior experience necessary

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General information

Guided activity that will give you a hands-on harvest experience. You will be able to harvest, press the grapes with a manual press or by foot and fill the barrels with the must that will become Raimat wine in a few months' time.

Participants in the activity will be able to visit the winery to see the barrels, as well as taking part in bottling and purchasing the resulting limited edition bottles.

The harvesting activity will take place towards the end of September and the bottling at the end of October or November (it is essential to have taken part in the first activity to attend the second.)

Raimat reserves the right to make any changes to the date of the activity due to weather conditions or attendance constraints (minimum group size 10 attendees and maximum 20).


Adult €30.00


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Varieties and Analysis


Contains sulfites