Raimat El Molí Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah

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Raimat El Molí is an elegant, very full-bodied wine; a Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah that pays tribute to an old windmill that operated on the Raimat estate over 100 years ago. Discover in this bottle the meaning of our existence, which is no other than to share with you all our knowhow and help you to discover more about the pleasures of wine


vintage 2018
Silver Medal
Mundus Vini Spring Tasting
Silver Medal
Carles Escolar
Raimat Oenologist
Raimat El Molí is the perfect accompaniment to red meats with chocolate or red fruit sauce, game stews and mature cheeses as well as chocolate or red fruit mousse desserts, sponges with dried fruit and marmalade but not a high cocoa content as the total level of tannin would be very high.

Deep cherry red with a purple rim. Deeply coloured. 


It stands out for its intensity, with primary aromas such as forest fruits and fresh fruit predominating, intertwined with resinous and cocoa notes, enhanced by well-integrated oak.


Elegant, enveloping, with lots of body and velvety tannins that give it great structure and a long finish. Black fruit notes appear on its journey through the palate alongside a touch of spice that is well integrated with the aromas added by our selection of barrels.

Varieties and Analysis


Contains sulfites


Alcohol volume (%)

D.O. Costers del Segre

Designation of Origin

Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah


Red wine



Suitable for vegans

The Winery

The history of Raimat goes back to 1914, when Manuel Raventós i Domènech acquired a plot of arid and unfertile land in a unique setting, converting it into what it is today: 2,245 hectares of 100% certified organic vineyards.  Raimat is the expression of wines from Lleida, a land renowned for the quality of its fruit, where the continental climate means that the grapes from this estate give intense and flavourful wines.  The winery is a pioneer in the use of the latest growing and winemaking technology, making a clear commitment to sustainable viticulture and to respecting the land and the environment.

Elaboration - Vinification

Raimat's best Cabernet and Syrah estate vineyards were selected to make this very special blend.

Raimat's best Cabernet and Syrah estate vineyards were selected to make this very special blend. Cold pre-fermentative maceration was carried out to enhance the fruit aromas and improve the colour and structure. Each grape variety was fermented seperately, in stainless steel tanks on the skins over 10 days at a controlled temperature between 25-28ºC. During this time, pumping-over was carried out at different frequencies and intensities, depending on the stage of fermentation, to better extract the best qualities of the grape. Once the fermentation had finished, the wine was left on its skins to extract more colour, aroma and structure.Once the post-fermentative maceration was completed, the wine was pressed. A proportion carried out malolactic fermentation in barrels and the rest in stainless steel tanks. Once malolactic fermentation had finished, these different fractions were blended, with the wine transferred into 225l and 500l capacity French oak barrels to be aged for twenty months.

Vineyard- Viticulture

Grapes selected exclusively from Raimat’s vineyards.

Grapes selected exclusively from Raimat’s vineyards. Shallow (40-90 cm) coarse loam clay soils. Plant cover with local species ensures the biological diversity of the soils and prevents erosion and compaction. Given the lack of rainfall in the region, its poor soils and the presence of plant cover, watering is rendered essential. Regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) techniques are used applying water stress during certain times during the vine growth cycle to promote concentration, color, aromas and flavours: Insecticides are not used. Mating disruption is used to control grape moth. Low pressure powdery mildew and oidium are controlled mainly using sulfur. No grey mould treatments are applied.

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