Raimat El Molí Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah

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Raimat El Molí is an elegant, very full-bodied wine; a Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah that pays tribute to an old windmill that operated on the Raimat estate over 100 years ago.  It is a wine of great character, with intense aromas of black fruit, resinous and toasted notes and a very long finish.

Carles Escolar
Raimat Oenologist
Raimat El Molí is the perfect companion to red meat in sauces, desserts such as chocolate and/or red fruits mousses, nuts and jam cakes; but not pure cocoa, as the total tannins would be too high.

Intense ruby-red with reddish hues and a blue rim denoting youth. High colour intensity. Abundant tears with moderate speed. Clean and bright.


Clean and forthright. Powerfully aromatic, with dominating primary notes of forest berries and plums intermingling with balsamic, liquorice, vanilla and coffee notes, benefiting from well-integrated wood. Toasty, cocoa background.


Elegant and full-bodied, with velvety tannins to provide a good structure and a long finish. Devoid of tart green notes, the wine offers ripe dark fruit and smoky, chocolate notes with hints of tobacco and vanilla. Persistent, pleasant, well-integrated and long; very long.

Varieties and Analysis


Contains sulfites


Alcohol volume (%)

D.O. Costers del Segre

Designation of Origin

Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah


Red wine


The Winery

The history of Raimat goes back to 1914, when Manuel Raventós i Domènech acquired a plot of arid and unfertile land in a unique setting, converting it into what it is today: 2,245 hectares of 100% certified organic vineyards.  Raimat is the expression of wines from Lleida, a land renowned for the quality of its fruit, where the continental climate means that the grapes from this estate give intense and flavourful wines.  The winery is a pioneer in the use of the latest growing and winemaking technology, making a clear commitment to sustainable viticulture and to respecting the land and the environment.

Elaboration - Vinification

Raimat’s best vine plots were selected to make this red wine with a coupage Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah.

The grapes underwent cold prefermentation maceration in order to bring out their fruity aromas and give the wine more structure and colour. Fermentation was carried out with the pomace in stainless steel vats for 10 days at a controlled temperature of 25-28 ºC. Stirrings of the lees were carried out during this time at different intervals and intensities, depending on the grade of fermentation of the wine, so as to extract all the berries’ best properties. After fermentation the wine remained in contact with the pomace in order to achieve even more aroma, colour and structure. Once post fermentation maceration was completed, the wine was separated from the skins. It was then pressed and commenced malolactic fermentation.

Vineyard- Viticulture

Raimat was born with the conviction that sustainable agricultural practices were the best guarantee of conservation of the natural environment.

Raimat was born with the conviction that sustainable agricultural practices were the best guarantee of conservation of the natural environment. More than 100 years later, that will remains intact. Raimat's commitment to nature is firm, the sustainable processes far exceed the formal requirements, and the winery looks towards a 100% organic production model. All Raimat wines are made with grapes from their own vineyards, minimizing the use of agrochemicals and the generation of waste, as well as the optimization of production methods by integrating the available resources.

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