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Brunus is a red wine that marks new directions for the Montsant D.O., distinguished by its subtlety and freshness.


vintage 2017
vintage 2016
91 points
Guía Peñín
Edouard Chevalier
Portal del Montsant Oenologist
Brunus is a typical aged Montsant, it is a good choice for serious, filling meals, like stews, feathered game and mature cheeses.

Dark red with brilliant edges.


Spring flower aromas with mineral and blueberries notes.


Subtlety and intensity balanced tanins with soft spicy notes.


Varieties and Analysis

Red Grenache



Alcohol volume (%)

D.O. Montsant


Red wine


The Winery

Located in the town of Marcà's former cooperative, a building dedicated to winemaking since the start of the last century, this emerging Montsant winery stands out due to its work with the area's historic varieties:  Garnacha and Cariñena. The wines are subtle, fragrant and complex, and take their names (Brunus and Santbru) from the founder of the Carthusian Monastic Order, Saint Bruno of Cologne.  Carthusian monks have had a presence in the Priorat region since 1194 and instigated the cultivation of vines.

Elaboration - Vinification

Temperature controlled fermentation and maceration of the grapes during 18-22 days.

Temperature controlled fermentation and maceration of the grapes during 18-22 days. 12 months ageing in French oak, only first and second year barrels.

Vineyard - Viticulture

Grapes coming from small plots of land, “petit-crus” of outstanding quality.

Grapes coming from small plots of land, “petit-crus” of outstanding quality. A variety of soil types (clay, chalk, sand), orientations and altitudes that form a diverse and personality-rich selection of unique terroirs. Old vines (25-50 years) of very reduced production predominate here in an area a slightly more than 20 hectares. They are planted in high density using individual goblet vine formation with narrow frames of 1 by 2 meters. The climate of the area (Masroig, Molar, Capçanes, Marçà) is purely Mediterranean, with slight Continental characteristics in those vineyards located in the north and at the highest elevations of the D.O. (700 to 800 meters) in Cornudella.

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