We plan the optimum moment for harvesting each variety. After destemming and pressing the grapes, we obtain the must. We add selected yeast and the must ferments at a temperature of between 15 ºC and 17 ºC. Once the fermentation process is complete and the wines are stabilised, blending takes place and the resulting wine is bottled together with the liqueur de tirage (a mixture of sugar and yeast).The bottles are stored in underground cellars (at a constant temperature of 17 ºC), where a second fermentation occurs followed by a period of ageing in contact with yeast lees. In all, the wine spends at least 12 months on the lees, after which riddling takes place (rotating the bottles to facilitate agglutination and subsequent elimination of sediment) and disgorging, when the deposits from the second fermentation are extracted and the “licor de expedición” is added, a process that determines its brut dosage. Finally, the definitive cork is inserted into the bottle.

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