We plan the optimum time to harvest each varietal. The grapes are destemmed and then pressed to obtain the musts. We then add selected yeasts and the musts are left to ferment at a temperature of 15 ºC - 17 ºC.Once all the fermentations have taken place and the wines have been stabilised, they are then blended and the resulting wine is bottled along with the liqueur de tirage. The bottles are stored in our underground cellars (at a constant temperature of 17 ºC) where the second fermentation takes place followed by a period of aging in contact with the lees of the yeasts. In total, they are left at least 12 months in the winery before the riddling (rotating the bottles to facilitate agglutination and subsequent elimination of sediment) and disgorging, where the sediments deposited after the second fermentation are removed. A dose of expedition liqueur is then added, which determines the cava’s residual sugar content. Finally, the bottle is capped with a cork closure.

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